14 More Needles Removed From Brazil Boy’s Body

BRASILIA, Brazil  —  Doctors in Brazil have secluded 14 more needles from the body of a 2-year-old boy.

The boy was pierced with the needles in what his stepfather has said was a plot to give a death-blow to. the baby like revenge in requital for his partner.

He told a TV station that he had drugged the boy with wine, and had his lover hold the babe down while he pushed needles into the child’s visible form. Police today formally filed attempted murder charges against the attendant and his lover.

Last week, doctors took out four rusty needles from near the boy’s passion and from his lungs. Today, they separate needles from his viscera, liver and bladder.

Doctors aforesaid another surgery is scheduled in spite of nearest week to do away with needles lodged in the boy’s end, near his spine.

December 22 2009 07:16 am | Health News

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