Group Pays Addicts $300 to Avoid Getting Pregnant

A controversial assign places to is hitting the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii by dint of. cash in their pockets in hopes of persuading drug addicts and alcoholics to arrive sterilized or turn out adhering long-term birth control.

Project Prevention, founded by Barbara Harris of North Carolina, is sacrifice addicts $300 if they agree to pregnancy prevention methods like as hormone shots, patches or intrauterine devices.

Critics of the program argue addicts will just use the riches to fuel their habits – a fact that Harris doesn’t disavow.

“That’s their choice if women use the money to application drugs, but babies put on’t obtain a choice,” Harris told “At in the smallest degree they won’familiarily be in possession of pregnant.”

Harris is no stranger to this puzzle. In 1997, she adopted four children from a drug-addicted mother, and it was that actual feeling that led her to start Project Prevention.

As of last month, the organization had paid more than 3,000 addicts to any one go adhering long-term birth control or come by sterilized.

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March 08 2010 11:52 pm | Health News

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