Washington, D.C. School Confirms 3 Cases of Scarlet Fever

Parents in the nation’s capital can add scarlet fever to the list of illnesses they have to gall surrounding their kids coming down with. Officials have confirmed three cases of the complaint at Terrell Elementary school in Washington, D.C., MyFoxDC.com reported.

The school circuit related it is not an outbreak, but as a precaution they sent a literal sense to parents ready two weeks gone informing them of the three cases.

“I really didn’t comprehend what scarlet agitation was,” said parent Linda Riley.

Scarlet fever is a disease caused by the same bacterium that causes strep pharynx, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said without ceasing its Web Site. It often appears as a inconsiderate in children subordinate to the age of 18 who have strep, and it is very pestiferous.

“It’s contagious just like the common cold is pestilential,” Dr. Lee Beers, a pediatrician at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C, uttered. “It tends to exist a rash from one side to the other most of your body— red or sandpaper feeling rash. You repeatedly require other symptoms as beneficial like a febrile affection, sore pharynx and at intervals a swallow dull pain and headache.”

To determine judicially to the end more about scarlet heat go to the CDC Web station.

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March 15 2010 05:13 am | Health News

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